Futher testing


… this is the layout, format, fonts, and colors I want to use for now. This post is for testing some of the text options allowed.

I’ll probably make some changes as I move forward, though:

Things to Think About

  1. header image
  2. need a logo
  3. need a blog image with name
  4. tagline attention
  5. planning ahead

I also need to organize:

  • categories
  • tags
  • featured image ideas list
  • actual featured images

Eventually I’ll address social media; I used to be good at that.

  1. Twitter (use of HootSuite? anything simpler?)
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook (ugh!)
  4. Instagram / Snapchat
  5. YouTube (?? could that interfere with the present vlogger?)

I may also need to watch a webinar or read some articles about pulling in traffic twenty years after I first started blogging. I used to be pretty successful with this stuff.

More things to think about: status, do I want to pre-post? Do I need goals on daily writing to keep myself accountable? Are all my entries bound for public? Do I need a sticky front page yet?

Slugs, excerpts, and location are also options in WordPress hosted blogs. INteresting but I don’t know that I want location allowed for anything.


This is a long post, but it will give me a taste of how my talkative self will use each post.

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