I’ve always wanted to run away.


Like since the age of four or five, I remember actively planning what I’d pack, who I’d utilize as help, and where I’d end up as a final stop.

I knew what bus routes could get me out of my city, county, and even state while I was in elementary school.

In middle school I saved money in hopes of a one way ticket away – to anywhere.

In high school I pushed myself to near exhaustion earning the highest grades I could because I knew a scholarship to university would take me away. I earned it.

In college, I ran away.

I’ve been running ever since.

Medication Update


I’m almost two months (day 56) into 30 milligrams of Cymbalta each day. Thankfully my anxiety seems to be waning (almost completely gone, really), and my depression seems to be steady (at a mild- instead of severe-) swing. I have yet to notice any bad side effects, but I have a decently strong system and am still on a low dose.


I’m ten days into using a whole 50 milligrams of Lyrica at night to help me sleep and tackle some of the general pains I’m living with. I notice a bit of a change, but the breakthrough pain I’m having is not worth dealing with. When I read that many patients take upwards of 600mg of Lyrica daily (sometimes even more!) I am encouraged that perhaps I can find a solid dose of this medication.


This stuff is bunk for me. I’m going to ask my psychiatrist to write it off my charts. I am on 1mg (one!) and notice no change if I miss a dose or if I take it super regularly.


I’m almost six months into the use of this levomefolic acid food supplement and I won’t ever go without it. I could tell within days that it changed my system and genetic testing shows I’ve got a genetic mutation preventing the methylation of folate … might as well stick with it since it’s working!

Any news in your medication world? Taken anything I’m taking? Share your experience!

Cymbalta: Day 1

Started another new medication today. I’m on a super low dose to start with, but anxious already about what might happen.

I’m tapering off six years of Prozac use and hit a nasty-scary wall at 1/4 of my “regular” dose. I can’t be unmedicated unfortunately.

So, on top of these two, I’m also taking a medical food supplement (Enlyte with delta folate), 3g of fish oils daily, 5,000mcg of B12 sublingually, and some Prazosin (1-3mg) every night.

This isn’t the life I thought I’d live, but I am working on changing my judgments about the “shoulds.”

Wee Lawnmower Men

Our lawn mowing men seem to get younger each month they arrive. I am pretty sure that this month’s lawn-mower-operator is unable to legally drink alcohol. He may not even be able to vote yet. Or, he’s 45, has the skin of a baby, and might drink of the Fountain of Youth.

If a middle schooler shows up next week, I’ll let y’all know.

A PicMonkey Discovery

I’ve discovered PicMonkey. This could be a rabbit hole I never knew I needed.

Gross, right?



Yeah, so I’m using these basic things I’ve created for now, but they’ll change. I like the idea of using Emerald/Jade, and for now, the pink was easy. I’m also doing some testing with featured images. I don’t remember liking them way back when, so we’ll see if it’s changed.

Any opinions?

  1. featured images should be 100p x 100p; these are TOO BIG.